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Familycare71 10:03 PM 02-27-2013
Fairly new here. I just got an ipad for my family daycare program and am looking for ideas on how I can use it in my program.
I have been researching attendance / info apps so any that you use and like I would love to hear about!
I also want to find a good app for the financial side of things-
And last I would love to know if any of you use the pre-school apps out there in your program... I got a very durable case and would love to let the kids try some quality apps for learning!
Thanks everyone!
TheGoodLife 10:17 PM 02-27-2013
Following this ^ I was thinking about doing the same thing!
MissAnn 03:30 AM 02-28-2013
If you use Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, I reccomend their app.

Also, Starfall apps
Sunchimes 05:21 AM 02-28-2013
Mods: This sounds like a commercial, but it really isn't. I'm not getting anything out of this. But if you need to delete it, I understand.

Just a bit off topic, but I bought an iballz set for my tablet. I don't use an ipad, but the iballz are designed for ipads and ipad minis. The first set didn't work on my Nexus as promised, so I asked for my money back. He said they had been re-designed to work better on other tablets and offered me a free set to test. The first set kept falling off. The new set has been wonderful for my day care 2 1/2 year old. I don't worry about it for a minute. I highly recommend them if kids use your tablet. They are little ping pong type balls on a cord that fit on the corner of the tablet. If the tablet is dropped, it lands on a ball instead of flat on the floor.

This sounds like a commercial, but it isn't. I have just been so impressed with the customer service and the product. Anyway, I have a code for 15% off. If anyone wants it, PM me and I'll get back to you at the end of the day when I have some free time. I think the Iballz were $24.99, but they seem to run sales a lot.

According to their website, this is something used by a lot of schools, and I can certainly see why.
MissAnn 05:40 AM 02-28-2013
Is this educational?
Familycare71 05:52 AM 02-28-2013
I wi say that every where on the forum I see people loving the minute menu software... Unfortunately it isn't web based so I can't use it on the ipad... I did debate on using a thinner portable laptop instead but I would lose the battery life, a lot of apps I already love and the ease of touch screen for parent check in/out and also the touch screen apps for kids working on thier writting skills...
Not to mention dd would be heart broken! Lol
Luna 11:13 AM 02-28-2013
Endless Alphabet is an awesome app for little ones. They learn letter recognition, vocabulary, definitions, letter sounds, not to mention turn-taking and fine motor skills. And it's fun! It's the only app I've found so far that I let them play.
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