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TeacherAri 10:06 AM 08-12-2016
Hi all! New daycare owner here, just getting started in Omaha, NE. Does anyone have experience with licensing and water features? My garden has a small decorative pond, and licensing tells me that it needs to be separately fenced. I'm wondering how closely I need the fence to contain the pond. Like, could I build a fence around it that also encloses a 5-foot-wide swath of turf?

DaveA 10:29 AM 08-12-2016
How big is the pond? If it's small enough building a cover might be a better option than a fence. Something that is solid enough to handle kids if they run into it but could be removed when they're not at your house. Good news is if you're only doing a smaller section fenced off it shouldn't be too expensive and something could be done that fits the yard estecically. You might want to check licensing to get specifics on what fence requirements are. I'd hate for you to put something up only to be told it doesn't meet standards.
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