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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Business Paperwork: How Many Types Do You Have?
Abigail 05:51 PM 01-05-2011
As most of you know, I'm just preparing for opening a daycare next year. I would like to see how many different papers you keep on hand for business paperwork. Really what I'm asking is--what are the titles of the papers organized for your daycare business?

This is what I'm looking to see...(pretty much things I will eventually make copies for parents or to be displayed in the house)

1. Handbook
2. Contract
3. Holding Contract (for a later start date)
4. Field Trip Permission Form
5. Infant Daily Report Sheet
6. Food Calendar (to show the meals we serve)
7. Emergency Drills (Fire/Tornado)
8. Medication Release Form

Make sure to add what is required by law too. I think we have a few enrollment forms required so those obviously count. I just don't know what they are unless I look.

I'm also trying to figure out how many file folders I'm going to need in the end so I know if I should purchase a desk with a built-in filing cabinet or just a smaller portable filing system for all the "fill out the form" paperwork I'll have available at any given time. This will be decided on from how much of a list we all can come up with to add to mine above. THANKS IN ADVANCE Please add to my current list and put (required) behind what you add if it's a requirement.
lvt77 06:15 PM 01-05-2011
LOL allthough I have been in biz for over a year, I am in the same boat, about to revise all of my stuff.

here are what I have:

1 contract
2. Parent handbook
3. FT permission slip
4. Permission to photograph/website
5.Various letters.....late payment reminder, reminder of rules letter, reminder of contract,
6. Parents night out contact if you want one, im crazy my PNO is free once a month
7. Potty training contract, as it does not apply to all and is only given when parent and provider agrees to start the child.

I think i might have a few more... I make a lot of usually when I get screwd over...pardon my french......
lvt77 06:18 PM 01-05-2011
oh yeah and i have a total of 9 kids enrolled and I just use a small file box and my laptop.....
have you looked at a program called minute menu kids???.
check it out...I use it and find it helpful

I just recalled another form...

Medication...permission to adminster medication for each type of med.
lvt77 06:26 PM 01-05-2011
I looked in my in box here to check my mail but it says I dont have any....sorry, Im a little slow some times.....

I looked under private this the right place>?>
Abigail 09:11 PM 01-05-2011
Yes, under private messages I sent you one to see if you found it. Click reply within that message and you can send me your email to receive my 8 page handbook.
MarinaVanessa 08:51 AM 01-06-2011
Here's what I give out in my Parent Packet:

My Own
- Contract
- Handbook
- Holiday Schedule
- Rates & Fees (I keep these seperate so if I change the rate I don't have to hand out new handbooks)
- Photo/Video/Audio/Correspondence Consent Form
- Excursion & Transportation Consent Form

Required by the state (CA)
- Caregiver Background Check Process LIC 995E
- Consumer Awareness Information LIC 9212
- Notification of Parent's Rights LIC 995A
- Identification and Emergency Information LIC 700
- Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment LIC 627
- California School Immunization Record PM 286B
DanceMom 08:55 AM 01-06-2011
All county forms - there are I think 5 - I can't remember exact right now.

My forms are:

- contract
- emergency pick up
- Baby/Toddler or Child info sheet
- permission for sunscreen
- permission for OTC meds
- Prescription Meds
- Child pick up
- Enrollment Application
- Emergency Transportation
- Health info
- Sick Policy

Think thats it
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