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MB2009 09:15 PM 01-08-2016

I was hired as a lead teacher for a licensed daycare center but had to apply for an exemption before I can work in the classroom. The reason is, I have a misdemeanor [assault on an officer] on my record that happened in April of 2010. The assault was open palms on the officer's chest, there were no weapons used, and I am very remorseful and embarrassed by it.

Since the incident has happened I have worked in 2 different school districts and left them on good terms. In fact I left the last district to accept this position as lead teacher and am guaranteed my job back if I would like it for up to 3 years (just not guaranteed the same hours). I took this job because I have the opportunity to make more money.

This summer I am going to have completed all my courses and receive my BA in Early Childhood Development. Many positive things have happened since this incident.

Anyhow, all of the paperwork for the exemption has been done and the learning director has sent it in to licensing for an exemption approval. As of right now I am considered an employee and have done 2 days of orientation/training just not in a classroom.

My understanding is that I should have no problem getting the exemption but I am worried that the company can withdraw their offer of a position with them, can they do that? A friend of mine is telling me that the corporation may not allow an employee to work with an exemption but the learning director has not said any thing like that. Honestly, I am afraid to ask the learning director. She seems really excited about me starting to work there and has never hinted at needed corporate office to approve an exemption. She has simply said that I would need to get the exemption before I can start working. I really need this job as I have 5 children and my husband is out of work right now (laid off).

Should I have no problem keeping this job if I get the exemption? Does anyone know the law in California?

I'm a nervous wreck.
spedmommy4 09:50 PM 01-08-2016
Here is the law:

Good news: You should be able to get one.
Bad news: It takes 75 days.

I don't think they can put you in a classroom while you wait for an exemption. (But call the number on the website and ask). If you can't work in the classroom, the director may rescind the job offer.
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