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dave4him 05:33 PM 07-16-2012
So when is a good time to start training the little ones for the potty? And please i need all the tips i can get!
Blackcat31 10:11 AM 07-18-2012
When you start training is dependent on when the child is ready and when they have met certain developmental milestones. There is NO one right age or time to start as each child is so unique in there needs and capabilities.

Here are a bunch of threads about potty training.
SunshineMama 10:57 AM 07-18-2012
It's easier IMHO to train dcks when they are older. I trained my own children before age 2, using the pant-less 3 day method (look it up on But I would never train a dck that way in my house bc of the potential mess. I know in America they all say to wait for potty signals from the child, but in the rest of the world, most kids are potty trained by 18 months. I think it easier to train them before they have a preference for diapers. But again, it's way easier to train older daycare kids in my experience.
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