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Old 02-26-2010, 01:09 PM
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Default I have 2 questions... :)

Okay, I have two daycare boys, one is 2 and one is 3. The 2 yr old is CONSTANTLY hitting, kicking, pinching, punching, taking toys away, etc. from EVERY CHILD HERE. I have tried redirecting him, making him play alone, putting him in time out, and NOTHING is working. I've even mentioned it to his parents and they talk to him but of course it's hard for a 2 year old to remember what he did twenty mins ago, you can forget 3 hours ago! When he DOES get in trouble, I have noticed he either bites himself, his clothes, or slaps himself in the face, legs, arms, wherever. I have told him and told him to stop, taken his body part away from his mouth, etc. I can't get him to stop. Any ideas on how to stop this behavior, or is it normal for a kid to do this?? He's a smart kid, and can be so sweet when he wants to be...

The 3 year old has been somewhat of a pain since he started, but I love him to death. Usually it is the difficult ones that I seem to get closer too. (maybe because I'm always having to "talk" to them.) Anyway, he used to scream, throw fits, and when he did, he'd pee in his diaper until his pants were SOAKED. I am 5'2" and he is up to my chest. (very tall kid) Anyway, he is now in pullups and some days he will use the potty all day, and some days he won't. Nap is the best time for him. He literally asks to go to bed every day. Waking the kid up is complete torture. We used to let him sleep until he woke up. (In my opinion, if the kid is sleepy, he will sleep. When he's rested, he'll wake up.) A few weeks ago, he started waking up and being so happy, which is GREAT. However, last week, his mom told us that he is not going to sleep until after midnight, and to please wake him up early so he'll sleep at night. For any other kid, that'd be perfectly fine. But to wake him up is TORTURE. Seriously. He screams, kicks, cries, hits, etc. because he is not ready to wake up. So, we've started letting him go straight to bed right after lunch, so maybe he will get a few more mins of sleep before we have to wake him up. It hasn't worked very well, and when he screams he wakes up all 11 other kids. It's ridiculous. I almost want to find some kind of article or website or something that explains why kids need sleep. This kid also goes home every day and is sat in front of the TV. TV is why he won't go to sleep at night. HELLO, TURN OFF THE TV AND SAY, "GOODNIGHT!!" I mean really...The kid is THREE. Anyway, any suggestions on what to do about him? Do we put him in a completely separate room so he won't wake everyone up? Then we wouldn't be able to see him though, and children have to be seen at all times according to state laws...
Thanks in advance for your help!!
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cries, disipline, hits, hitting, kicking, kicks, pinching, punching

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