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Curriculum>Grand Opening Ideas
susanpierce124 06:09 AM 01-22-2010
Well , I finally have the ok to open my center. I am having a big grand opening tomorrow. I just need some ideas for the bulletin boards that are hanging in the halls outside each of the classrooms. Does anyone have any ideas. I will be opening on Monday. Thanks for all the other ideas that everyone has come up with for my other postings.
momma2girls 06:13 AM 01-22-2010
GOod Luck with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GretasLittleFriends 07:29 AM 01-22-2010
How about a background synopsis on the teachers who will be working in the class along with the curriculum the children will learn? And/or maybe an example of some of the activities/crafts they will be doing?
Tags:activities, crafts, curriculum
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