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kitkat 05:39 AM 03-17-2015
The sound of someone chewing with their mouth open is like nails on a chalk board to me. I always correct the behavior. However, I have a 2 year old (2 yrs & 4 months) who is one of my greatest offenders. I have tried a few times to get her to close her mouth and she's not getting it. She figured out on her own how to zip her jacket, so I have a feeling she should be able to learn this. At what age should she be able to knowingly chew with her mouth closed? Her older sibs do the same thing. I have never had one this young be this bad.

As a vent...why don't parents correct this?!?! No joke, EVERY kid I have had has chewed with their mouth open! Ugh!
Unregistered 07:51 AM 03-17-2015
Lips together when chewing please!

I can't stand lip smacking either. My dog does it! Lol
Baby Beluga 08:10 AM 03-17-2015
Ugh, I have a 2.5 yr old who does this. Drives me batty. It is by far the worst sound ever. I feel like I spend each meal time reminding this child to chew with their mouth closed.
Gemma 09:53 AM 03-17-2015
I like a little bit of good table manners, so I teach the kids to chew with their mouth closed, I say: "chew like a princess/prince" and they know exactly what I mean
Blackcat31 09:59 AM 03-17-2015
Another thread with good advice on how to teach kids to chew with their mouths closed.
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