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theflyingflamingo 11:15 AM 01-29-2010
First as you see I am new here and in the process of getting licensed and have tons of questions. I'll try to keep it short today and do some searches to see if my other questions have been asked recently.
Thank you for your time,

I have a few Florida licensing questions


1- How did you space out taking your tests if you did them on line? I was considering taking more than one at a time.

2- How hard are the tests-are they all multiple choice?

CPR/First Aid

1-Who did you use for your classes ( Red Cross times don't work for me)?

2-Has anyone taken it online? Did it qualify? They told me it doesn't matter where I take the class- but I want to verify if any one had issues.
Michael 12:28 PM 01-29-2010
Welcome Flamingo. Penn Foster offers online classes.
Veronica 12:36 PM 01-29-2010
I think I read some where that online doesnt count here in Florida. I also live in florida and I am just starting out I have taken three of the classes online for DCF. I am goingto take the test soon but Yes they are 45 min and are mupitable choice. If you have anymore questions let me know. Also Where are you located at. Go to the myflorida website and check out the rules and stuff it is very helpfull.
theflyingflamingo 12:44 PM 01-29-2010
Veronica- thanks are you taking the tests for multiple courses. I plan on have Rules and Regs and Behavior/Development done in time for the next testing time. I have to call on Monday to register for the tests.

Where are you? I'm in Broward county and they have lots of extra qualifications to become licensed.

Where did you take your CPR and 1st aid training.

Veronica 05:04 PM 01-29-2010
I am going to take the first aid and cpr at the american redcross. You can go on line they have a list of the class dates and prices. also I plan on takin the classes all at once. I have a hard time finding care for my kids and I want to get it over with and if i dont pass a part of it I can go back and take them again later but I have been studying like crazy so all should be well. I live in Okaloosa county, In Crestview.
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