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kpa0627 11:23 AM 04-23-2010
Has anyone taken any online classes/workshops,etc. that is Early Childhood Education/Daycare related? I'm not talking about classes for college credit but just classes in general that might cost $20, $25, $30 or so that just are used for training hours? If so, could you recommend any. I'd just like to take some online training hours and learn some new things at not a huge expense.
boysx5 12:38 PM 04-23-2010
yes I always take mine from care courses
Crystal 12:44 PM 04-23-2010
Child Care Exchange has a great program:

You earn Continued Education Units from University of Wisconsin Stout by either reading the "Exchange " Magazine and then taing on-line quiz, or you can read on-line articles about specific topics and then quiz on those.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
actaktmdt 03:16 PM 04-23-2010
yes most places that you can go through for the food program will provide you with class's with a minimal fee. ours even will let you take one for free after you x number of menus with out any mistakes.
TGT09 07:37 PM 04-23-2010
I have done Care Courses as well and would recommend.
kiddieshack 10:21 AM 04-24-2010
I use there are a broad range of classes and they are only $10.00 a piece.
MarinaVanessa 11:28 AM 04-24-2010
I also use care courses and I love them. Classes are all bookwork and you mail them in when you're done and I have enjoyed all of them. They are about $40-$50 a piece though but well worth it and can count towards a CDA (as long as you take the correct assortment). There are some that cater to the home-daycare provider.
Vesta 12:23 PM 04-24-2010
I'm doing a Care Course right now. Started it yesterday. In Illinois you have to have a course for children with special needs every 3 years I think. So, that's what I'm doing.
It costs $38 for the E-course.
Pretty simple to sign up for and they just e-mail you a PDF file to down load and read on your own schedule.
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