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DaycareMama 12:58 PM 03-19-2013

please please please try and log in and see if it gives you a problem.

I have been trying for days and costomer service is basically saying im crazy. Human error. But I also just created a new account for my employee and she can't get back in either.

You can't log in!

The link is
DaycareMama 01:30 PM 03-19-2013
bumping back up I really need someone else to try
Unregistered 04:00 PM 03-19-2013
I didn't have any trouble at all.
Lavender 04:16 PM 03-19-2013
I was able to log in without issue. Hope your problem is fixed soon.
DaycareMama 06:01 PM 03-19-2013
Thanks guys. For some reason it was internet explorer giving me the issues?! I had no problem after trying google chrome and trying from my cell phone. Still can't get on thru internet explorer though.
But the good news is I just got to finish my last training needed before renewal. Ahhh. DONE .... for now
Unregistered 04:55 AM 03-20-2013
Funny - it was internet explorer that I used. But I do want to thank you for your post - it reminded me to sign up for 2013 videoconferences!
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