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missy 10:00 AM 11-23-2013
Does anyome follow the reggio emilio philosophy? I just started reading about it and am very intrigued.
melilley 10:52 AM 11-23-2013
I don't, but there is a category about it on the bottom of the main page. You may find some things you are looking for there. I know a few of the providers on here follow Reggio.
missy 06:30 AM 11-25-2013
Thanks, I will check that out!
Blackcat31 06:42 AM 11-25-2013
Here is a link to the category melilley mentioned.

I am pretty sure there are lots of providers/members here that are influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach

There is some good info in that thread area
MotherNature 11:27 AM 11-25-2013
I try and incorporate the aesthetics into my home. I live in an older home, so we have lots of large windows, open spaces, and wood floors. Lots of natural stuff, lighting. We have plants everywhere, a wonderful planted fish tank, lots of windows. Wood toys, simple, imaginative play. I don't do the written observation thing though or long over-arching project themes.
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