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Unregistered 12:49 PM 12-16-2019
For those of you in MN, what do you know about the new background checks? I know a while back a bill was passed about not only providers needing to submit fingerprints and a photo (which Iím fine with), but also my minor children who obviously live in the household needing to submit fingerprints and photos (which Iím not fine with). The bill was later repealed, so I thought that was the end of that situation.
Forward to last month, I received new background check paperwork in the mail. It states that everyone in the household over 13 years old needs to fill out a data collection form as well as send in copies of IDs.
Did I totally miss something? If the bill was repealed, why do my minor children need to send a copy of their IDs? Is the fingerprinting just for the adults in the household?
Blackcat31 01:22 PM 12-16-2019
dolores 01:25 PM 12-16-2019
I am in NYC. My assistant, household members and I did our fingerprinting once, a long time ago when daycare started. As of this past September, the Dept of Health wants all existing and adult household members to redo fingerprinting and an extensive background clearance in their birthday month. Prospective employees and volunteers must do same. While I understand the need for this, on the flip side I anticipate that it will discourage high school summer volunteers who were exempt from this process before, from volunteering which would be a bummer as they have been a huge help in managing the children when we are outdoors during the summer.
Snowmom 01:31 PM 12-16-2019

Page 36 starts to explain the background study revision.

I'm still not 100% clear on my understanding of it either. Our county told us that our licensors will reach out to us when it affects those of us that have already been licensed... because only newly licensed providers will need fingerprinting at the present time. Not sure if that's accurate. But that's what I'm going with until I'm told differently.

My licensor did tell me that child fingerprinting will not be needed UNLESS the background study finds something that triggers them to require it.
Again, not sure what exactly that means. But if it happens, I'm out.
Cat Herder 02:17 PM 12-16-2019
My state went to the livescan system a few years ago. Everyone who lives in or visits the home daycare during business hours (including lawn maintenance, pest control, etc.) is required to have a copy of it onsite. They expire every 5 years, so it is an improvement on the annual fingerprinting. The scans do auto-update themselves online, so if someone is arrested for something during those five years that they look for, you will be contacted and the form will be invalid.
Unregistered 02:35 PM 12-16-2019
Thanks! This is very helpful
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