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tenderhearts 07:04 AM 03-19-2020
I have 5 families soon to be going to 4 with one of those here only 2 days per week, so my group is pretty small. For the most part my families good at doing what they should and need to be doing during this horrible time. I have one family that I am concerned about. Since school closed they sent their kids to the grandparents in Seattle, I feel like that was a bad choice and although I don't think it's any of my business of what they do I feel like this kind of is as whatever they could be doing could effect all of us here, my family and all my other families, is it wrong for me to ask about it and see if they are distancing themselves while there? I mean I don't honestly know what some of my families are doing anyway but I don't know how to ask or bring it up to them without showing like I don't trust them.
Cat Herder 07:08 AM 03-19-2020
I would leave it alone, personally. The grandparents are at greater risk than you and they will probably only take offense at it. They won't see it as helpful, only judging.
Ariana 08:49 AM 03-19-2020
As long as you have a 14 day quarantine from daycare upon arrival from travel it really doesnít matter what they are doing. If you donít have this, implement it now!
tenderhearts 08:51 AM 03-19-2020
I agree to a point, but they also know that my husband is at higher risk since he is going through chemo right now. I would hope they are taking that into consideration as well.
Cat Herder 11:17 AM 03-19-2020
I don't mean to sound negative, but it is a rare parent who considers what effect their life choices will have on their childcare providers. They don't really think of us like that.

You will have to tell them your expectations of them.
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