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Unregistered 04:56 AM 08-02-2020
I have a few misdemeanors from my past. Small weed changes , fta, and domestic harassment. I was a wild child. I struggled severally to heal from childhood abuse. I've changed my life. Built my credit and I've worked really hard to better myself. My heart calls to work with troubled girls. A home for these ladies has a job opening and I have every intention of being honest about everything Do you think I'll even be eligible to work with children because of my past?? I applied today but I want a honest opinion
Unregistered 12:42 PM 08-05-2020
Where I live, they have a certain exclusion from working with children based on the severity of what is on your record. For instance if you were caught shoplifting and have a misdemeanor, its an automatic 5 year exclusion from working with children. Felonies are more. Some things are consider automatic lifetime exclusions like murder, armed robbery, sexual/physical assault on child, etc. Check your state licensing regulations to see if they have this broken down. It may give you piece of mind, or if nothing else, answer this question for you. I am a huge proponent of honesty and being upfront, especially when looking for employment. I take a person's whole story under consideration when hiring. But if I find out someone should have shared something that they didn't? I find ways to move on to someone else...

On another note, proud of you for turning things around. You should be incredibly proud of what you've accomplished. If this opportunity falls through, keep working toward your goal. We need more people who have a heart for troubled kids. They are an overlooked people group and fall through the cracks all too often. Good luck to you!
Michael 01:44 PM 08-05-2020
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