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Unregistered 12:16 PM 07-11-2011
He is new and last week was his first week. No matter the activity his response is "not ____ time, over and over. Even if you suggest something else he does the same thing. He is miserable. He doesn't play with the toys, doesn't want to paint or color, or even eat at meal times. To top it off he is aggressive. He bites and hits his younger brother every chance he gets. His brother doesn't even have to be near him, he seeks him out just to hurt him.

How do I help him adjust?
Christian Mother 01:58 PM 07-11-2011
Ohhh gosh!! Sounds like your having a trying time with him. Do you have a pnp handy? I would place him in it every time he goes after his little brother either biting or hitting/kicking. You will need to discuss with mom about his aggressive behavior and ask if he is biting at home and how they handle it at home. You might need to shadow him around the house for a while til he is no longer biting. Every time he does that he needs to be put into the pnp and explain there is no biting or hitting...which ever he is doing. You can even put him in a place with his own toys that is gated off for just him until he is playing nicely with the kids. Maybe he do a sticker chart to for his behavior. Hope you have a better week!!
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