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e.j. 08:00 AM 11-20-2011
Originally Posted by dEHmom:
I agreed with Crystal as well. But as a provider, and business owner, I think we have every right to deal with the situation as we see fit. At the time, it was clear to this provider that this child was not a good fit, and was a danger to the other children. If a child raised their hand at me, if i was quick enough to catch it before it made contact, then great, i could deal with that differently. But if I was surprised by a child that managed to slap me across the face that is a whole different matter.

I would also like to point out, that this provider was obviously down at the child's level, in order for the child to make contact on the face. I could only imagine, this provider was speaking or trying to calm the child, when the child bombarded her with a crack on the face.

Once again, I agree with what Crystal has been saying, other than maybe the way some of her posts came across. But we weren't there, we don't know the vibe this child gave off. I'm sure this provider could tell it was a behavioural issue and not a "stressed" issue.
No argument here. I think you make valid points. In general, I think when we're dealing with young kids, we need to keep in mind that our own responses to their poor behavior can often help to either escalate the situation or diffuse it. I wasn't there to see what happend but from the sounds of it, it sounds like there was a lot of emotion involved and in my experience, that almost always helps to escalate the situation.

I think if a child care arrangement isn't working for whatever reason, a provider absolutely has the right to end it. For me.... before I make the decision to terminate, I try to take a few steps back. When I'm calmer, I look at the situation as objectively as possible and ask myself if there were ways I could have handled it better or differently. If the answer is yes, I keep trying. If the answer is no, I terminate. (I've only terminated once in all the time I've been doing child care.) In my opinion, termination needs to be handled in a professional manner, though, and the less emotion involved, the better. Again, just my opinion. What works for me doesn't necessarily work for others.
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