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erinalexmom 11:24 AM 12-14-2011
Ok I think I am done with this little one. His big brother and sister are violent kids. They've been kicked off the school bus and kinds of things. Well this little guy hits someone several times a day, throws toys, defiant (will look at you to make sure your watching and THEN throw the toy), one time he bit my son so hard he drew blood, I cannot leave the room without putting him in a playyard. I deal with the same issues every single day. He also will hit his head on the floor to throw a fit. Its crazy. I have delt with this behavior since August. None of my other kids act this way. Sure they all have behaviors at times but nothing like this kid with the violence.

Today he bit my 6 yr old daughter on the finger. He didnt "hurt" her he finger was just red but I already told his parents that he cant come if does it after he drew blood on my son.

I have one option. His mom works 3 days one week and one day the next. But she brings him everyday from open to close. Do you think if she brought him only on work days that might help? or should I just give up the ghost?
Zoe 11:26 AM 12-14-2011
Reading your post made steam come out of my ears! NO ONE hurts my children or anyone else's children and stays at my daycare! Violent behavior is not acceptable for me. Yeah, pushing, hitting, normal behaviors that kids do once in a while is tolerable with some consequences. But NOTHING like what you're talking about.

I'd terminate.
JenNJ 11:46 AM 12-14-2011
I think part time would actually make this situation worse. I would start interviewing for a replacement TODAY.
rbmom 12:35 PM 12-14-2011
I agree that part time ='s trouble most of the time!!
Heidi 12:37 PM 12-14-2011
how old is the little guy?

I would probably terminate, as well. Part time would make it worse.

I am sad for him and his sibs....
cheerfuldom 12:52 PM 12-14-2011
I would term. Why would you let them take a full time spot, only pay part time and then expect that to somehow change his behavior? The fact that his siblings are very violent and his mom sends him to daycare full time (even though she often only works one day a week) is a big indicator that this is not going to change. I would bet that if you offered part time only, mom would say no and take him to another spot anyway.

Why would you let a violent child stay, especially after he has hurt your own children and regularly causes chaos?
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