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MommyofThree 07:42 AM 01-02-2012
How do I sign up for the food program
Countrygal 07:55 AM 01-02-2012
Read question wrong! DUH!!
Blackcat31 07:58 AM 01-02-2012
Call your local CCR&R and get the number for your food program. They send a rep out and you fill out the paperwork and become enrolled.

In my state, we have a few different choices in regard to what agency we want to use for the Food Program. After I called, the rep visited me within the week and I was officially enrolled when she went back to the office and filed the paperwork.

Super simple.
Countrygal 08:54 AM 01-02-2012
OH, my goodness! I read your post wrong! I didn't see that it said the FOOD program. This head cold is really getting to me - good thing I don't have kids today! :P Going back to delete my other post, although in WI you do still get the info through your certification caseworker or through your W-2 worker. So sorry for the mix-up! :P The food program workers were much more helpful and knowledgable for me! Everything went smoothly, except it was held up by the county. But the food program workers were all very helpful and friendly!
melskids 11:09 AM 01-02-2012
call your licensor. here, in our county, they also do the food program.
Unregistered 12:02 PM 01-03-2012
Originally Posted by melissathayer28:
How do I sign up for the food program
Ask other providers in your area which food program they are on and how they like it first-

Some are better then others from what I have seen
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