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Daycare and Taxes>Expense Charting Examples
Lyss 10:39 PM 07-07-2012
I'm wondering if someone could give me an example of how you keep track of expenses?

I remember seeing someone post a link to their excel spreadsheet in google docs but for the life of me I can't find it.

I don't think the way I'm doing it is most efficient

Thank you!!!!
Fruitloops1 08:27 AM 07-08-2012
sorry I dont have an example for you, but good question. I would like to see it too!
Blackcat31 09:40 AM 07-08-2012
I track ALL expenses through my MMK (food program) software.
Truly Scrumptious 10:37 AM 07-08-2012
My food program gives all providers a Calendar Keeper each year, just like the one you can purchase from Red Leaf Press.
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