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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Mississippi 9-Year-Old Caught On Camera Beating Two Toddlers
queenbee 04:41 PM 07-25-2012
This is so tragic and horrible
pootmcgoot 06:25 PM 07-25-2012
This makes my stomach hurt. What is going through that kids mind to do something like that to babies? What happened to him to damage him to that point?

Good lord. And the daycare worker?! She didn't hear those babies crying? My kid falls or trips and best believe she is bawling up a storm. No way I would be oblivious to a child being assaulted in my care like that. What in the hell is wrong with her?
Springdaze 06:29 PM 07-25-2012
I could go on and on about the teacher standing right there, but I wont. It was kind of weird that incase I missed it, the girl that was kicked to the floor wasnt crying? anyway, this is beyond behavior problems, that poor child has some kind of disorder. thats just not normal! Most kids might be rough, but dont purposely hurt little kids. I feel for the victims AND the perpetrator.
Nickel 08:41 PM 07-25-2012
I couldn't watch it all, it made me sooooo sick. All I kept thinking is this is that's what a sociopath looks like as a child. Those poor babies. I mean, wow. I don't even want to think about it. AND I think that room was way too big with all the children spread out way too far. If she couldn't see them all then there should have been another provider there. It makes me realize how glad I am that I chose to become a home provider.
BusyBee 10:42 PM 07-25-2012
Okay--how in the HE@@ did that "worker" not know what was going on. I actually wanted to reach in the screen and smack her upside the head. Absolutely shocking.

That boy is a psycho. How hard did he have to hit that baby to make them throw up. Imagine what kind of permanent damage he could have done to them. Wow.

I am sure he has had some bad things happen to him for him to behave that way, but I have no sympathy for him when he exhibits that kind of behavior to little kids. I wish there were a way to lock him up--seriously, he should be institutionalized to keep people safe. Imagine him as an adult...
BumbleBee 10:45 PM 07-25-2012
Wow, just wow.
SilverSabre25 06:20 AM 07-26-2012
When I first read the article, I was thinking he might be a child who's on the autism spectrum or something else where it would be fairly obvious that he has a huge issue. Then I watched the issue.

Now I'm not so sure...he was looking around, constantly aware of where the adult was. Constantly, constantly checking around. He would hit/kick/whatever, one of those children and then comfort and help them. The part where he's cuddling the one little girl (23 month old) was heartbreaking to me; he slapped her and her head snapped instantly to the grown-up in the room and you can see in her expression that she's wondering why no one is helping her.

The way he would punch the 11 month old and then pat her on the back, I'm sure he was saying "Shh, it's all right, I don't know why you're crying, you're okay, shh" or something of that nature. But she's looking around for the grown-up for someone to rescue her, too.

He was cold, cruel, and calculating. He may have some violence in his home but not necessarily. Some children are just wired to be lunatics, and I think he's one of them.

Although, even that being said, I think the conditions in that daycare must be pretty sad that he could get away with that...why was he even in there? Violence and trouble in his own classroom so he was punished by being sent in with the babies? Did he ASK to play with the babies? He seem so nice and loving, then when no one's looking he's so sickly violent.

Makes my blood run cold to think about it. Thank God for cameras.
Kaddidle Care 07:07 AM 07-26-2012
I wonder how long he has been doing this because if it was more than just this one day it's just plain criminal. The article says: "Williams told WLBT that his daughter came home for roughly a week with injuries, including a busted lip and bite marks on her chin."

The Aunt thinks he's a normal boy. He's already medicated - sorry Auntie, he's NOT normal.

We've all had kids that have had mean streaks and ones that are sneaky and we know that we have to watch them out of the corner of our eyes constantly. They are exhausting to watch and most Daycares terminate them eventually.

This is just horrific.
renodeb 08:53 AM 07-26-2012
I cant believe tat he was able to get away with all that . There has to be something pretty wrong in that boys life to cause him to be that violent. You can not tell me that the provider didnt hear the crying and carrying on. I also cant believe that, that dad slapped a child. (the wrong child). The whole situation is horrible! Wouldnt the owner still be liable for all this?
Breezy 08:58 AM 07-26-2012
I think the worker kept looking and seeing him comforting the children and thought oh ok! He's handling it. Ugh!! So sad.
MN Mom 11:59 AM 07-26-2012
Terrible. I had a conversation about this on facebook. A question that was raised is this...where were the toys for the children to be playing with? A large room full of children and NONE of them were playing with toys. What kind of center is this owner running and WHY was it not shut down pending investigation? Never mind the teacher getting fired...the owner needs to take bear some responsibility on this one. How to you run a center, with mixed age groups running amok and NO toys for them to play with. That would most certainly spell trouble. When the older kids get bored the younger children become their playthings.

Let's not even get started on the subject of the boy not getting punished. What he did was reprehensible. He needs to be institutionalized for the safety of himself and others.
countrymom 12:06 PM 07-26-2012
I was curious so I took a look at the video.
first thing I noticed was, that room looked way too clean for kids. I know we all pick up all day, but where was all the toys (maybe I just have too much but at least there is something to do)

* where were the rest of the older children. Was he the only child with all toddlers and babies.

*don't any of the kids cry when he was doing this stuff, don't you think that a provider would go and investigate what is going on

*why is the provider in the door way, why is she not looking at what is going on

*also, are there not more videos of him doing this stuff, esp. since the kids have been coming home with marks, someone had to have see something
Bookworm 03:26 PM 07-26-2012
I just want to know how the teacher didn't hear that baby scream. In the video, it is obvious that she is in pain and her scream had to be piercing. What is extra sad is that it appears nothing will happen to the boy.
Michael 09:45 PM 08-05-2012
Nannyde gave a shout out to the forum regarding this thread. You can hear the interview here:
Blackcat31 08:12 AM 08-06-2012
Originally Posted by Michael:
Nannyde gave a shout out to the forum regarding this thread. You can hear the interview here:
Way to go Nan! Great interview!!!
makap 09:33 AM 08-06-2012
WOW! I just listened to the interview. It was great!

Loved it Nan!

Thanks Michael for sharing.
MizzCheryl 07:10 PM 08-07-2012
Thanks for the link.!!
Can't wait to check it out!
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