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Oneluckymom 12:37 AM 09-30-2012
So I am on the food program in Cali. If I have a child that has a special diet (parents choice , no allergies) want to enroll, do they need a Drs note or do I have an option to just NOT enroll him in the food program?

In other words am I required by the food program to automatically enroll all new DCKS in the food program? I was under the impression that I have to enroll them.

mom2many 09:58 AM 09-30-2012
I am on a food program in CA and we have to enroll all children. We cannot opt out anyone. I had a child last year and the parents did not want her to drink milk. I had to get a note from her Dr. stating she was allergic to milk in order to continue getting reimbursed for any of her meals

We used to be able to choose if we wanted to provide formula/baby food for infants, but now we aren't allowed to do that either. Mom's can provide the breast milk, but we have to record it as a meal provided.
itlw8 12:24 PM 09-30-2012
In Missouri we HAVE to enroll everyone but there is a place on the form where the prents can opt out.

The provider can not refuse but the parents can
Oneluckymom 02:24 PM 09-30-2012
OK, so I will need to check my paper work to see if their is any "opt out " option. I don't recall anything like that, but will check anyway.
Crystal 08:59 PM 09-30-2012
You need a doctors note. You can still claim the child on the food program, even if the parent provides the food, because you are serving it to him. Same thing with breast milk, or if thee parent refuses the provider offered formula, you can be reimbursed for parent provided formula if you offer a brand other than what they provide their get reimbursed for the actual prep and service of the food/milk.
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