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booroo 11:48 AM 05-17-2010
So dkb get here this moring and the first thing he did was walk right up to my 2 year old and slap him; mind you dkm was still standing there!! She looks at me as my son is screaming and says "we had a long night/weekend so he might want to go back to be. My oldest son and I got into an arguement and I slapped; so he raced over to the sheriffic office to report." I was shocked and didn't know what to say. So I take the boys to go play.... Where dkb is just out of control. I call his early chilhood education person (he works with this gal, because he is way behind the rest of the kindergarteners). I tell her that mom said he wouldn't be here on Wednesday thru the following Monday and that if she wants to work with dkb, she might want to consider coming now!! She did and it was fight, he scream at her, kicked her, and was just naughty. I was so embrassed and I kept telling her that I was sorry.

Ok know with that said, what should I have done, while the educator was here and mom; he is a very anger child, Im always tring to keep him busy so he doesn't explode, normalLy doesn't work. I know he doesn't go to bed, because since preschool as been out he has been wanting to go back to sleep at 8am when he come, he would nap until 5pm if I let him. I have adjusted nap time so we go down earlier, this way they are up by 330, but really is the lack of sleep the problem???
MarinaVanessa 12:08 PM 05-17-2010
I don't think that sleep deprivation is the only problem here. SOunds to me like there is HUGE amount of other problems going on here with this child. Who knows if the arguing and slapping is a regular problem in the home but sounds to me like the child already has developmental issues. I doubt there is something more that you can do personally short of terming him. Sounds to me like you are already helping out by having his early childhood person work with him in your home and by contacting her when problems like this come up. Kudos to you.
nannyde 12:43 PM 05-17-2010
What does them having a hard weekend have to do with him slapping your kid?

Let me make this simple: This kid is TOO SICK to be in a group child care. If he is violent in ANY way he should NOT be in group care period. I don't care what kind of services you have access to.. if he doesn't have a ONE TO ONE assistant to shadow him and physically be in between him and ALL the other kids then he is not getting what he needs in a group.

Terminate him IMMEDIATELY.

It would be a cold day in hades before I would ever allow a dck to put his hands on me or my kid. Not once in my career has that EVER happened. That day would be his LAST day.

He needs to be in a theraputic setting with skilled workers who legally have the right to physically RESTRAIN him. He needs to be with enough staff that he can have one to one supervision to prevent him from harming another child. There is NO way I would tolerate this for a single second.
booroo 01:53 PM 05-17-2010
I know I should term, I do , but this child needs the love!! I'm never mean to him, my whole family shows him kindness and love... We never had this problem until preschool got out!! I
mean he would have out burst and get mad, but not first thing in the
moring... I was just trying to keep some consistency to his life, that is completely out if control right now!!

So much for trying to be nice guy!! I Just hope I can fill the spot.
momma2girls 02:16 PM 05-17-2010
I once had a family of 3 start many summers ago, age 3, 5, and 7. The sisters told me the first day that they said to me- you have to watch " " he bites all the time!! I said to the DCB you won't bite here, because I do not allow biting. SO guess what happens, about 1/2 later, he ends up biting my own daughter who was 5 and really hard drawing blood. This boy was 3 1/2 going on 4 as well!!! I was so mad, I called the Mom and told her what the girls had told me, and he actually did it to my daughter in the arm, and it was bleeding, teeth marks and all!!! I told her, she would have to come here and pick him up and couldn't return!! Come to find out, he had went thru at least 2 other daycares that I know about in town since moving here only 2 months prior. I couldn't believe it, and she didn't tell me!! SHe was to desperate to find someone!!! Then before the Mom got here, he bit me and kicked me when placing him in timeout for about the 5th time!! WOW!!!!!! Then I was hot!!!!!! He never returned!!!!!!!!!
Unregistered 02:34 PM 05-17-2010
I would seriously terminate. Yes he needs love, but not at the expense of your own children and the other dc kids. There are some kids that we just can't help no matter how much love we give them, because sometimes there's mental issues that we are not trained for.
My4SunshineGirlsNY 03:37 PM 05-17-2010
I agree..I would terminate! I had a daycare boy JUST like this a few months ago and I finally let him go. I kept thinking I could help him and I would be a good fit for him but after a while, I had to end it...he was a threat to the other smaller daycare kids. Crazy thing is, he was FINE in his preschool class, but was terrible here (and was let go from a previous home daycare for behavior issues).

He is 4, and would kick me when changing his diaper (wasn't potty trained), yell at all the daycare kids in complete anger, and hit/pinch/pull hair to my other younger daycare boy. He even took a small empty bin and ran into my young daycare boy just to push him down. He was always yelling and hitting my 4 year old daughter as well.

I finally told his mom, look, he's a threat to the other daycare kids and I will give you 2 weeks. She pulled him out right away..she knows he has issues and never warned me of this aggressive behavior when interviewing me. She only told me the other provider said she couldn't do it anymore and said the other provider favored this other boy and her son and the other boy were having issues.

My daycare was back to normal after I terminated him..he was exhuasting to deal with day in and day out.
Unregistered 07:16 AM 05-25-2010
No there has to be something else going on he needs to be evaluated by a pshychiatrist asap he could have some mental problems going on. My Son is 7 and was dignosed with serve ADHD at the age of 5 even thou I knew something was differnent about him he would throw out of control tantrums banging his head on anything until it was bruised he would hit, bite, pull other kids hair, scream at them, etc. now with therpay and medcinie treatment he is 50 percent better still not 100 percent yet but we are trying you should really have a talk with his mom. Also dont give up on the child yet like I said it could be a problem I cant imange where my Son would be if I gave up on him or the teachers gave up on him.
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