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MN Mom 07:29 AM 03-05-2013
Regulation Nation: New federal rules for school food will cost millions, group says

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Could this potentially affect daycares also? Is the school food regulated the same as daycares on the food program? What happens if / when this Universal Daycare/Preschool plan is implemented? I know that the schools get reimbursed, but c'mon some of that food would last a week (ie apples and oranges) and some could be used to make hot dish the next day. If they are sooooo concerned about kids not going hungry...why would they be willing to let them waste the food so it cannot be used later?
MNMum 12:20 PM 03-05-2013
My kids schools have already moved to some of these standards. I don't think it would change how I am feeding my daycare children. I just took a class on "Let's Move Childcare", which is based on Obama's plan. The thing that would be way different in the schools than what I am doing, is that they do not want them to serve the reheated already been fried foods - more than once per month. I.E. Chicken nuggets, fish sticks, chicken patty, etc. So only one of those per month. I feel like that is offered daily in our schools.
mbullette 12:22 PM 03-05-2013
The school lunch programs are a total joke. The amount of food that is being wasted and thrown away is unbelievable. I went to school and had lunch with my daughter a few weeks ago and was shocked by the amount of food thrown away. If they would serve things kids would actually eat food wouldn't be wasted. It was sad!!!
MN Day Mom 12:41 PM 03-05-2013
I'm in Minnesota too and our school started some of this already too The kids have to take a fruit or veggie or they get charged more for their meal.
ABCDaycareMN 01:58 PM 03-05-2013
My son doesn't eat much of his school lunch. He does not like most of it. He doesn't know what some of it is. He is in kindergarten.

I too think it's a lot of waste.
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