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dEHmom 06:53 PM 08-12-2013
Hi every one. It's been a long time since I've had to potty train. I've got an almost 2 year old who over my holidays last week pretty well potty trained completely. She even wakes up to go potty. I've decided since I have the potty out now taking up space ill try train 2 out of the other 3 kids I've got. Both are almost 3 and not even close to potty training. But they like to sit on it.
I've read through alot of the other potty training threads on here but nothing specifically for trying to mass potty train.
If anyone has done this I'm looking for advice and tips to get it done quickly without scaring the kids or forcig them if they are not completely ready.
Also. How do you prevent accidents? I don't want to lug the potty outside with us in the mornings and I also don't want to change clothes constantly not scrub accidents off my furniture etc. some have pull ups but I find them useless and a step backwards in training. But I can't let kids run around without some protection. I know the trick for panties under the diapers but that doesn't help much to prevent changing dirty clothing.
MamaBearCanada 08:03 PM 08-12-2013
I don't train - parents do & I will assist. But I feel the parents should do the bulk of the work. If a child wants to go on the potty & asks I encourage that but I don't initiate training. Accident free for 2 weeks at home before underwear free at daycare.
Margarete 09:09 PM 08-12-2013
I would definitely see if you can get the parents to try to kickstart it over a weekend. Do the kids that like to sit on the potty sometimes go? Do they understand what it's for? Getting that down is a major step, and it would be best if the parents can help trigger that awareness.

This spring I had 3 kids switch to undies the same week twin 2.5 yr olds, and one just over 2, and it went much better then I would have imagined. Between the 3 of them I still had 1-2 accidents a day for the first week (some just dribbles as they would hurry to the potty), 0-1 the next week, most of them were outside when they were most distracted, so cleanup was reasonable. Having them do it together I think made it go a lot smoother. When one wanted to go, they all did. They were doing it together with their peers.
Don't get to discouraged by minor set backs, or an occasional bad day. The memory of the pain from a Urinary track infection had the younger girl back in pull ups for a week before she was ready to try again.
If they are not ready or show heavy resistance I would step back and try again later. When the twins were just over 2 the parents told me they potty trained over a long weekend, and it was just a disaster. I found out on the last most successful potty training weekend day they just drastically limited their fluids. They didn't hold it for very long, and would only go after sitting on the potty for an extended period of time.. they didn't quite get the connection, they did not want to go here, and started showing resistance at both locations. We stepped back, 6 months later they decided it was time, they were ready, and it was easy. The younger girl who had been in pull ups and on introductory level for some time saw the twins had undies and wanted them too. Previously she understood what the potty was for, but didn't want to stop playing with her friends to go. Friends using the potty is a big motivator!
Good luck!
butterfly 10:58 AM 08-13-2013
I potty train on the toliet. Last spring I was "training" my whole crew (6 kids at the time). I decided I would have everyone try before meals (those that were ready to be trained went more often). I was kind of an assembly line. One on the potty, then wash hands. While one was washing hands, another on the potty... It took a little longer to get to meal time some days, but with everyone doing it, it seemed to get them excited about doing it. I had a couple that certainly weren't ready to be fully trained but they atleast got in the habit of sitting on the toliet without fear.

Have you tried plastic pants over underwear?
dEHmom 11:15 AM 08-13-2013
Thank you. I don't want to push them at all but they are all excited about it and everyone congregates in the bathroom doorway and pulls their pants down waiting for their turn hehe. The parents have been doing it at home for months. But I tend to not believe them when they say they are almost potty trained at home. And the proof is in the pudding.
I'm likely going to wait another month or so before I allow panties without diapers. I know lots of kids do well for a week or two and then accidents again.
One of the kids I have is almost 3 but she is fairly delayed and she is the one that I won't be trying to train for a while. The oldest one is just about 3 and she sits on the potty at home for hours and peed once last week after a bath but usually pees on the floor says her mom. But she's been watching the 1 year old use it and is trying. Today we got a fart only lol but better than nothing!
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