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KSDC 06:30 PM 02-20-2015
So, in case you don't remember my every post, I had a DCD that was giving me big problems a couple of weeks ago over potty training his son who had just turned 3. I stood firm with him on my policies and all is going well.

Today, though, I have a brag. My 23 month old DCG, out of the blue pointed at the toilet and said "poopy". I put her on the toilet (first time in my DC for her) and she pooped! DCM said she hasn't done it at home before either.
Josiegirl 04:44 AM 02-21-2015
Wow! Hope it continues!!
I have to admit, potty training is SO NOT my favorite thing to do. And it's even more difficult when 2 parties are trying to be consistent and do the same thing. It can be confusing for all.
Controlled Chaos 10:17 AM 02-21-2015
Congrats to you and dcg!
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