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Valerie928 07:51 AM 08-18-2020
Daycare girl 2 1/2 comes today. I notice she coughing/sneezing on occasion. I relay this onto the mom. She tells me it's ALLERGIES. I ask if they have been anywhere. Mom says no and tells me they gave dcg allegra. Everything about this grates my nerves. How are you guys handling situations like this with a global pandemic going on.
Snowmom 07:53 AM 08-18-2020
Any coughing goes home here. Period.

And allergies always need documentation by a DR with a plan of treatment on file. But I will still exclude for coughing right now- even with allergies.
Cat Herder 08:11 AM 08-18-2020
Her OTC med will need to be taken daily during allergies to prevent her symptoms. It does not mask fever/illness symptoms, so no worries with that one.

I have several kids with dust, dander and seasonal allergies, one tablet a day solves it. I also take Loratadine daily for the same reason. It does not medicate, it blocks the receptor site to keep the reaction from happening.

If the cough worsens, nasal discharge thickens or changes colors in any way... it is not allergies. You could exclude for 24 hours until her allergy meds have time to work to be sure if you are so inclined.

If they gave motrin or tylenol to mask a fever, I would terminate on the spot, though. I play nice until I don't.
Valerie928 12:49 PM 08-18-2020
Just dumping her off to me without communicating to me about the cough makes me furious.....
Cat Herder 12:55 PM 08-18-2020
What health screen protocol, before allowing them in, are you using? Daily temps and head to toe? Checklist?

The childcare apps with sign in allow for some questions the parents have to answer as well before they can sign in.
Cat Herder 01:09 PM 08-18-2020
I once had a parent drop off a toddler with a clavicle fracture. They had been camping for the weekend and never noticed. Said the child was acting "super two" all weekend.

I learned to not rely on parent information that day. I was floored and heartbroken for the kid. I had to send them away at the door (after splinting) because they refused an ambulance, too. They did come back the next day in cast with doctors note.

I could have been blamed for that had I not noticed.
Ariana 08:37 AM 08-20-2020
Originally Posted by Valerie928:
Just dumping her off to me without communicating to me about the cough makes me furious.....
I would immediately implement a health screening tool before admittance. Some providers here have made online ones that parents must answer before entering the home. ANY covid symptom is exclusion here according to our public health unit.
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