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blueclouds29 11:55 AM 05-05-2011
Does anyone have these and what are your thoughts...

I've had these for years and my 2 year old dd is the oldest of the kids i watch loves them! I pulled them out for the first time and she sat there for about 15 min just building.
Thought i would share.
jojosmommy 12:01 PM 05-05-2011
We have them and love them!
dEHmom 12:20 PM 05-05-2011
my dad bought my son one once. they are an awesome toy, HOWEVER i hate all toys that have multiple pieces, as they seem to be everywhere. i always fine 1 or 2 in the laundry, under the couch, etc.
safechner 02:23 PM 05-05-2011
I have never heard of it. I would love to buy one for my 10 years old daughter who loves building things.
Lucy 03:27 PM 05-05-2011
YES! I thought the name sounded familiar. I have a girl who is now 11 1/2, but got them when she was about 8. She brings them sometimes on no-school days and everyone LOVES them! From age 2 to 11. You can get a starter kit and then add to it over time. They have instructions for suggested structures you can build, or you just do your own thing. They are wonderful.
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