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radhas 06:53 PM 08-03-2011
I am planning to include structured physical exercise for the kids atleast 2 days a week especially on Thursdays ( minimum day) and Friday( No homework). If any one knows books, cds, website, please help me. Thank You
AnythingsPossible 07:58 AM 08-04-2011
I don't have any websites or books, just small suggestion. Treat it like a PE class in school. Have them do stretches and strength excercises then an organized activity. You could talk to a local PE teacher in your district and get some ideas from them as well as from books and websites. has some active game ideas on their website.
Cat Herder 08:06 AM 08-04-2011
Sounds like a great opportunity for kick-ball game to me....

Man, I loved playing kickball.
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