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Luna 07:18 AM 01-09-2013
I remember reading somewhere about a game where you or the children pull objects out a bag or box and create a story using those items. "Once upon a time there was a...bus..." And the story grows as more items are pulled out. I can't quite pull it all together in my head, has anyone heard of this game and can point me in the right direction?
I have a DCG here who is always directing the play saying "and then you saw a horse", "and then you remembered you didn't eat breakfast". I'm not sure why but this annoys the day lights out of me. I think this game might be right up her alley. Every time I hear her say "and then..." I'm biting my tongue!
Mommy2One 07:42 AM 01-09-2013
A company called Blue Orange makes several fun card games. One is called Tell Tale and there's also a Tell Tale Fairy Tales version. They're basically a set of cards printed with picturess and you use them to create sounds very similar to what you're describing and it seems like the rules of the card game could easily be modified for a bag of objects (more durable and uses what you already have in the play room). The company provides several different ways to play.

From one of the Amazon reviews:

"Round N Round -- Each person has 4 cards, Each person takes a turn flipping over their card, and adding to the ongoing story based on that card.
Showtime -- Each person gets 6 cards, and tells there story based on 6 cards uninterrupted, in order.
Storyboard -- Each person gets 6 cards, and can pick either side of each, and arranges their cards however they like. They then tell a story.
The Stack -- Take cards one at a time from the stack, until all sixty cards are exhausted."

Why not have all the kids sit in a circle with you in the middle holding a bag of objects? Each child takes a turn taking an object and adding a bit to an ongoing story. You could maybe start the story to get the ball rolling.

Once upon a time there was a BUS full of children all going to school...
one of the children was eating an APPLE...
suddenly the apple turned into a BABY DOLL RATTLE...

My friends and I used to write "round robin" stories in high school. We'd each take turns writing a page in a story. You had to start with the existing story but from there you could veer off in any direction and add whatever elements you wanted - the only rule was that you had to leave end your page with a cliff hanger for the next person. Tons of fun and great for classes with boring lectures (yeah we probably should have been paying attention to the teacher instead, but in spite of our stories were were all straight-A honor students)
Luna 10:36 AM 01-09-2013
Thanks for your reply. We ended up doing as you suggested with me pulling out the objects and the kids building the story. They really enjoyed it and we were even able to do it during outside time
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