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Blackcat31 01:23 PM 01-12-2011
I recently attended an early childhood conference and took two sessions, one about science and the other about reading games. We received some CD's with projects that we could do with everyday supplies that most of us have lying around and the other CD is reading games for young children. It seems most of the experiments and games are geared toward 4-8 year olds but if anyone is interested, pm me and I will e-mail the files to you. I took the science one because science is NOT my cup of tea but didnt want the dck's to lose out because I wasn't interested. The experiments are simple, require common supplies and take only a few minutes each. I figure I should share since isn't that the point of networking with other providers?!?!
Luna 01:31 PM 01-12-2011
How nice of you to share. Thank you!
juliebug 02:17 PM 01-12-2011
ohh that sounds cool thanks for sharing sent you pm
Crystal 02:59 PM 01-12-2011
I LOVE new science ideas. We are big on science here. I'd love a copy of both.

I think you have my email addy, let me know if you need it.

kendallina 03:22 PM 01-12-2011
Oooh...that sounds great. I PM'd you. Thanks!
SilverSabre25 03:28 PM 01-12-2011
That does sound really cool! I'll PM you. Thanks!
DCMomOf3 04:39 PM 01-12-2011
i'd like copies too.
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