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SimpleMom 10:23 AM 03-21-2011
We were just at the lunch table today and started talking about oranges and stuff. Then we began talking about wouldn't it be wierd if apple juice came out of an orange? or orange juice came out of blueberries? They totally spun off that and have been talking about weird combinations for 30 minutes just laughing and taking turns and having soooo much fun.

Belly-roll laughing fun
jen 10:34 AM 03-21-2011
My kids play...

"One time, when I was a baby..."

It's a new one, but they have been doing it daily...its way too cute!
jessrlee 10:52 AM 03-21-2011
Lol! I love listening to the kids! Friday afternoon they scouted the yard for sticks and built a "fire". So they decided that they were camping in Australia with a herd of buffalo, then they took a boat to California and went to the beach. I loved it! 7 kids 2-5 cooperating and playing the same game without fighting! Woohoo!
Zoe 11:45 AM 03-21-2011
Mine try to come up with nicknames for me. I have a one-syllable first name and I've never really had a nickname. They think it's weird, since they all have nicknames, so they come up with silly words for me, like queenie, princess, or any nonsense word they can come with. It's adorable that they care so much!
SimpleMom 11:47 AM 03-21-2011
Man, kids are always learning through play!! I think it's the best curriculum for them Have fun with their babies and in the "outback" gals!
DCMomOf3 12:10 PM 03-21-2011
The game that my kids have been doing lately is word associations. One will say "hello... hotdog." Then someone else has to say "hello....bun". then Food: plate. milk:cup. etc.
juliebug 12:16 PM 03-21-2011
Too cute I love it when they do that
SimpleMom 12:23 PM 03-21-2011
mine were starting to get into "potty" talk names like "doo-doo face and laugh hard. i taught them to say hey u "apple smile", etc. they like that as well...phew!
Meyou 08:05 AM 03-22-2011
Mine play two games like this regularly. One is to only talk using the "words" that our youngest friend uses. So they have huge conversation saying only, "Mama, Dada, Hiya! Baba, Hihi! Nighnigh!" etc. So funny.

The other they only play at the table for some reason. One person says, "Hello jello apple" Then hello jello banana, orange, plate, wall, baby etc. Hello jello has something to do with eating so saying Hello Jello with a non food item is the funniest thing ever. lol
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