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Old 05-02-2018, 04:30 PM
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Default Thinking of Terming

So itís been one of those days, the ones where you are so ready for the day to over. I have a new family that I started care for their 3 DCB about 6 weeks ago. There have just been several issues the last several weeks and Iím thinking of terming. Theyíve paid late twice, first time I didnít charge them a fee but the second time I did. This is the family that brought the sample size sunscreen I vented about earlier. He was also very ill a few weeks ago and they didnít take him to the doctor because they didnít want to pay the co pay fee. Anyways- I reached out on 3 different days to ask if he was feeling better, what did doctor say, was he coming etc. and not a single reply! I was going to term then but overlooked it. He showed up today hacking up a lung. Dad says he has allergies and Iím like hmm sure. I check his temp and itís normal. Cough gets worse as the day goes on so I check his temp again and itís normal. He doesnít know that he is supposed to cover his mouth so I give him reminders over and over and over. Then that turned into a bin of toys only he can play with. Once grandma gets here to pick up she asked where his lovey was and he said I donít have it, I PUKED on it. So somewhere between 5:30 pm last night and 8am, he was puking/puked and you still bring him to my house on top of your sample size sunscreen. Iím so annoyed and I feel like I am just going to continue to have these issues. If I term, how do I write out a term letter? Frankly I just feel disrespected by then for not following my policies. (Iím kind of ranting so thanks for listening!)
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Old 05-02-2018, 11:02 PM
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If you donít enforce your policies people are not going to respect them. If a child came to my door hacking up a lung he would be sent home. Everything else seems ok, you charged them a late fee which is great they wonít be late again!

I would ask mom face to face about what DCB said and see what she says. Kids donít always tell exact truths so I would want to hear it from mom. Do you have a puke policy? Some kids can puke and not be sick (ate too much, drank too much, anxiety etc). Unless the child was sick at my house there is nothing I can do. I exclude for symptoms and coughing continually would be a pickup call.

If you want to term just tell them you feel that they are not respecting your policies, otherwise enforce your policies and they will either leave on their own or they will be better.
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Old 05-03-2018, 02:02 AM
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I'm going to assume he threw up due to his coughing. Poor kid. I'm not sure what I'd do, as far as terming. I think I'd write something to the effect that 'here are my issues and we have 2 weeks to make it work or you need to find new care'.
Refuse him if they don't have a normal size bottle of sunscreen. Refuse him if he cannot participate in activities.

Sometimes without really knowing where parents are coming from, it's hard to make a judgement call KWIM? Are these people financially strapped that they cannot afford to pay a co-pay or buy sunscreen?

And sometimes families are just not a good fit.
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Old 05-03-2018, 03:22 AM
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I would term and not look back.

I tell parents very bluntly during the interview period that any infractions to the contract will result in me not offering them the spot permanently. So no late payments, lack of communication, not bringing the appropriate supplies, would mean they were gone. This is why the trial period exists.
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Old 05-03-2018, 09:28 AM
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Two options.

1. Enforce policies, refuse care tomorrow, send home a new handbook and TELL parents you follow this to the letter to make sure everyone is healthy and on the same page.

2. Term. Immediate. Cite failure to follow policies
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