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Old 03-09-2011, 07:16 PM
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Default My DD2 Won't Nap - Really Need Advice

Ok, i'm getting to the point where i'm at my wits end with nap time.

My daughter turned 2 in November. She has been napping pretty well for the last year, until a couple of weeks ago when we took her pacifier away. Now she only naps about 25% of the time. She knows that it is quiet time (the other 4 kids here DO nap), and she willingly goes up to her room, and I put her in the crib. She doesn't cry or fuss, but just plays quietly for the whole 2 hours, even if she is exhausted! I really need the kid to sleep - SHE needs to sleep! The afternoons have been terrible, since she is so cranky from lack of sleep.

She wakes fairly early in the morning on her own (7am), we go outside and get quite a bit of exercise (we were at the park this morning for almost 2 hours in -10C weather). Nap time is 12:30.

I'm not sure what to try. I've thought about switching her to a nap mat with the dck's, but she is not a dck, and I don't really want to treat her like one. She has her own room, she should sleep in it. We don't usually have this problem at night, although sometimes, if she did nap for 3+ hours in the day, this will happen at bedtime.

Any advice is appreciated
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Old 03-10-2011, 05:22 AM
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My dd (3) started to give up naps for a while when she turned 2. She never slept in a crib, but would nap in my bed up until that point. Now she is back to napping at least a half hour-hour most days. Sometimes she wants to nap on a mat with the daycare kids. She thinks it's fun to have a mat and her special blanket. Other times I let have her lay on the couch and watch tv with me until she falls asleep. Sometimes she just doesn't sleep, but those are the days she sleeps in until 8 or so.

Would moving nap back, even a half hour help? Would she like napping with the dckids or would she lay on the couch or somewhere besides her crib?
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Old 03-10-2011, 11:02 PM
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I know that exact feeling! "Why won't you Sleep!?!" Arghh! This is what happened with my son. My son at 2.5yrs just stopped napping a few months ago. It's been a hard transition for both of us, me especially. I am learning to go without my few minutes of relaxation but it's still hard. I put him to bed at night earlier now and after a couple of months of missing the nap he's not getting cranky in the afternoon-Thank goodness! He did nap a few times here or there, but always woke up super super cranky for the rest of the day, so I don't even try to get him to sleep anymore. I'd say if your daughter is in her crib and being quiet, she is getting some rest/quiet time and that might be all she needs right now. But it's hard for you I'm sure, remember that this is a stage and soon enough things will change again. Good luck!
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Old 03-11-2011, 03:53 AM
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LISTEN, ITS A STAGE, EVERY KID DOES THIS. It has nothing to do with you or taking the soother away, they all do it. I would just continue with the routine that you do for nap time, don't worry, eventually she will crash and burn. All 4 of my kids did it all around that time, it makes for a long long day that you want to pull your hair out, but it will pass and then another problem will arise.
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2 year old, sleep problems, won't sleep

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