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Old 11-05-2009, 11:07 AM
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Default How To Handle Something Like This

I have a dcb who is almost 5 in a few weeks, I've had him since he was 18mo. I have another dcb who also is almost 5 whom I've had for a little over 2 1/2 years. The first dcb is very high strung, has always talked very well, always has to be competitive to everyone, everything has to go his way, he has recently started talking back and the past probablly year have started to have more difficulties with him, he is always bickering and starting things with the other kids and alot with the second dcb I mentioned above, sometimes telling them he isn't their friend, he doesn't like them ect and he gets mad very easily especially if someone disagrees with him,again most of this is with the other boy I mentioned above. I put a stop to things immediately of course and tell him it's not nice to say mean things to the others, I make him apologize and he gets one warning then next offense he gets a time out and I also do a reward system and he then doesn't earn his sticker. I use to do 3 warnings but now that he's older and it seems to be more frequent I reduced the warnings. The mother of this boy knows how he is, they have issues at home and we discuss what he does here as well, she started a new discipline system at home and he seems to have improved over the last couple weeks even here. The second dcb I mentioned is very sweet although he has his moments he is a very great boy, he is one of the best i've ever had, he is compassionate to the others, likes to help everyone and just a joy to be around, it's like these 2 like each other but then don't, a few months ago because they always talk about each other at home they decided to exchange phone numbers so they have done things together outside of daycare. The one daycare mom knows how the first boy is, he is a sweet kid when he wants to be, well today she asked me how they have been getting along here, her son is coming home saying all the mean things the other boy has said to him and hurt his feelings, so of course to the mother she see's it as a bullying issue, I said well there is alot of bickering, I didn't really know what was ok to say and what not to say but I think she needs to know since he's bringing it home and telling them, she asked me questions things her son said if the other boy did because she wanted to know how accurate he was or if he was being too sensitive ect. I told her the other boy seems to be in competition with him all the time which always turns into bickering usually always started by the other boy. She in no way was mad at me or anything because she knows how I handle these situations but she just wanted to know if he was telling her the truth. It hurts me too that a boy goes home hurt like that, he is very sensitive. I do think some of it is part of their age which she agrees with but how far before it's not their age? and should I tell the other boys mom (not giving her names even though she may suspect) that I had someone ask me about it because her son tells her the mean things he says? but it's a tough situation since the moms are now friends outside of here, but I don't think the other mom wants to start anything either, I just don't know how to handle it, other than doing what I'm doing now. Any suggestions? thanks
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mean behavior, sensitive

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