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pfund2233 09:25 AM 04-24-2012
I'm looking into alternitives to doing daycare. I have a phone interveiw today (during nap time) with a pervious employer and me getting re-hired is a huge possibility. I'm not looking for something different due to the kids or parents!! I love the kids and the parents are GREAT!!

When I get somthing different how much notice should I give the parents? I don't want them to pull out and me be stuck with no $$ but I want them to have amp time to find someone GREAT!!!!!!

I'm so toren doing this in the first place and don't even know how to tell them...
MarinaVanessa 09:33 AM 04-24-2012
I would personally give at least 2-4 weeks notice but you really only have to give 2 weeks notice. I would tell them as soon as I knew that the job was secure but I would not tell them the reason. All they need to know is a general "Due to personal reasons I have decided to close down my DC" etc.
cheerfuldom 09:50 AM 04-24-2012
one months notice with the assumption that people may leave at any time. be prepared for that.
wdmmom 09:53 AM 04-24-2012
If you get hired on, tell them you will need 2-4 weeks before you can start. Work it out with the employer and if you don't want a gap in employment, tell your families at least 2 weeks before your start date.
sharlan 10:05 AM 04-24-2012
I would let them know as soon as you know.
mac60 10:10 AM 04-24-2012
2 weeks should be adequate. Be prepared for them to leave asap.
CheekyChick 10:13 AM 04-24-2012
I would give them one month at the very least. It is HARD to find quality care.
skittles 10:24 AM 04-24-2012
I am so glad someone asked this question! I am also closing on June 30th. I'm closing due to my oldest's son's special needs (he is 9 but just recently diagnosed). He needs transportation to therapy(s) and more one on one attention than I can give him in a group setting. I have only told two of my families which leaves four others I did not yet tell. I was going to give them a two month notice because infant care is so hard to find in our area, plus it costs ALOT more than I charge. Do you think this is too long of a notice? Also should I include in my letter the reason why I am closing is my own son's special needs? I was also going to include a small list of openings from other providers. oh and my youngest needs surgery in June (can
t schedule it any other time) which means I will have to close on some days in June. Not sure how to work this into all the closing time or letter.
saved4always 10:36 AM 04-24-2012
I would give a minimum of 2 weeks as long as your new employer will wait for you to start...most employers do since they understand that new employees need to give notice if they are leaving a current job and this is what they would want thier employees to do if quitting. If you can give more than 2 weeks, that would be very nice for the parents to have time to find care. However, you would need to be prepared that the families could leave before the last day you are available for care. This happened to me recently. I am starting a job at my church (hopefully soon) and gave my families 4 weeks notice. Two families used me for the whole 4 weeks but the third family found new daycare quickly and left withing 2 weeks. I would definitely not say anything until you are offered and have accepted the job and have a start date.
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