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KDC 03:47 PM 02-15-2012
Sorry - long, need to work on my editing skills...

So, DCG came down with a fever at my house, (been coughing, and had runny nose). Today around 10 her activity comes to an extreme halt --- eeerrrp. Eyes droopy and dripy, tons of clear discharge... check temperature and, yup it's at 101. She falls asleep on my couch and sleeps (even with other DCK's running around being loud) until Dad can arrive for pick-up. DCG's usually right in there with the rest of them, this is unusual behavior. He arrives later that afternoon to pick-up sibling at daycare and tells me she ate lunch and was 'fine' at home after a 2 hour nap. Would it be okay if she came tomorrow if she remains fever free throughout the night. I hesitated and he looked at me and said... "I have a TON of work to plow through"

I was put on the spot and said, uh, ok? ** Did I mention I HATE confrontations?** I can totally understand the crunch this family feels... they had a death if the family last week and missed 2 days of paid daycare. (They're only part-time at 3 days a week) Unfortunately, for my other daycare families they've already been exposed to this sickness. I do have it stated in my contract they need to be fever free for 24 hours before return. If I break my contract, am I just opening it up for them to ignore this rule going forward?

I know I shouldn't make their problem my problem... but ... . This stinks.
cheerfuldom 03:54 PM 02-15-2012
well, like you said, this case is self inflicted. be prepared to tend to a sick child tomorrow morning
nannyde 03:59 PM 02-15-2012
She was most likely doped this morning and she'll come doped tomorrow. You may have a hard time getting ahold of them tomorrow so get an escape plan for when the advil wears off. They are able to get you to care for her sick with words so they are going to rely on words tomorrow.

Always go off what you KNOW for sure. You know she was ill today with a fever so she is excluded by what you KNOW. If you go off of words you are going to be doing a lot of sick kid care.
small_steps 05:00 PM 02-15-2012
I would call them now and say that you are very sorry but you were put on the spot earlier when he asked about the sick child coming back tomorrow and that your policy states that they must be fever free for 24 hours. You don't want all those other kids exposed once again to her illness.
AnneCordelia 05:28 PM 02-15-2012
She was probably fine after getting home because he medicated her. I u understand the dilemma though. This is a position I hate being in too.
daycare 05:51 PM 02-15-2012
I would call. I have been in your shoes...

I made the same mistake before myself ..

I then thought about it and called the parents about an hour later

I told them that I was trying to be really understanding and helpful, especially considering that they already missed a few days last week. However, now that you have had time to think about it, you just cant allow for them to bring her knowingly ill. If you allow them to do it, then you have to allow for all of the other families to do it as well and next thing you know, you would have a house full of sick children nonstop.

Apologize to them for the inconvenience you may have caused and leave it at that.
TBird 07:11 PM 02-15-2012
Are you licensed??? Maybe there is a regulation you can look up and quote to them???

"Oopsie...I was reading over the state regulations this evening & found that I'll be unable to accept _______ tomorrow because of his/her fever. I apologize for not looking it up before I told you he/she could come tomorrow. See you Friday!"
wahmof3 07:37 PM 02-15-2012
Originally Posted by TBird:
Are you licensed??? Maybe there is a regulation you can look up and quote to them???

"Oopsie...I was reading over the state regulations this evening & found that I'll be unable to accept _______ tomorrow because of his/her fever. I apologize for not looking it up before I told you he/she could come tomorrow. See you Friday!"
I've used this before, with those dcp that just push & push & push. I've said sorry per my policy & state regulations I cannot accept the child because of whatever illness. Sorry if the state would come in I could be shut down.
KDC 10:22 AM 02-17-2012
So, I gathered up my backbone and called them back to tell them to keep their sick kid!! They seemed really disappointed, but rules are rules... this is what back-ups are for.

So over this family anyways. They're nice people - but a really conservative family who constantly asks for special treatment (really, they need a nanny). Special prices even though they're part-time, summers off unpaid when I can't really afford to do so now. (has mentioned that they're really doing my family a favor... um, I have a WAITING LIST full of potential full time clients that are probably not even half the pain in the arse you are!) They're gossipy, so they poke their noses into your business and share it with the rest of the neighbors. They will leave their kids with me while having a beer out in front yard with neighbors past contracted end time. But, they live DIRECTLY across from me, and are at all the neighbor gatherings, so I don't want to rock any boats. Our kids are great friends and I don't want to cause any ripples (hence venting on this forum! Thanks for the ear!).

We live live in a cul-de-sac which is like a giant fishbowl so everyone sees what everyone else is up to. All the kids in the cul-de-sac are great friends and majority of them I've had since they were 3 months old. Just makes it hard when business and neighborhood friends aren't mixing well
renodeb 09:49 AM 02-21-2012
Tell them they need to be fever free with no aid of fever reducer for 24 hours. I would ask them if the child has advil on board, that way you will be able to know when it wears off. If they come and the advil wears off after 4 hours and the fever returns then shes still sickand needs to go home. If you cant get a hold of them do they have any backup people you could call?
If there sick they need to be picked up asap! Not when the parents fell like it! I find it hard to enforce my sick policy when parents say they have to work but the child needs to be home.
Good luck!
SunshineMama 10:02 AM 02-21-2012
I feel for you in this situation! I'm on a cul-de-sac as well and used to care for a neighbor's kids part time. I learned 2 lessons from that: I no longer do part time and I no longer watch neighbor's kids. It's soooo hard because if they want to trash you to the neighborhood it is your words against theirs if you end the relationship badly.

Fortunately for me, I originally told them I would only watch them part time until I found a full time spot- so that was a good "out" for me. They always brought their child over "with allergies" and I could see them hanging out in the yard at their house. I was able to end it on good terms because I "found" another full timer, after realizing that in one month, I spent more in doctor's bills for my family then for what I made off of them.

They were my first daycare family. You live and you learn.
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