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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Who Has an Assistant Working for Them?
emosks 03:26 PM 05-03-2010
Do you pay them as an employee or independent contractor?
Crystal 04:01 PM 05-03-2010
employee, but required in Ca.
gbcc 07:06 PM 05-03-2010
NY says they have to be paid as an employee. It is a $2000 fine per 10 days if you are caught.
misol 09:14 PM 05-03-2010
From what I have been reading from Tom Copeland's book, in 9 out of 10 cases, assistants are employees not independent contractors and should be paid as such. There were very few exceptions.
Unregistered 09:47 AM 05-07-2010
what if they are related?
emosks 11:04 AM 05-07-2010
Well...I'm restructuring my business and having her be 50/50 partner with me since that is how we do it anyway. Costing me money to do it with my lawyer but I'd rather have it done right and it will be cheaper in the long run!
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