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Dia 07:36 AM 06-11-2015

I started a DCG almost a year ago at 18m, now 2.5, around 2y old she started biting, and almost always the same 2.5 year old boy, she almost always missed her target and would end up biting her own self (usually her arm or hand) she only managed to bite the little boy a few times and her bites were more or less little "nips" mostly with the front few teeth and left more of a "pinch bruise" (don't know if that makes sense.....)

Parents and I worked through it and she hasn't bitten now in a few months....

The parent of the little boy that was being bitten didn't make a big deal about it and stated how Dcb used to bite a lot when he was younger and he would bite "really hard".

Dcb will be 3 on Monday, he has never bitten anyone here although I have stopped him a couple of times from trying, he has been with me a year this month.

Today, Dcg was trying to take a bunny rabbit from another dcg and Dcb just grabbed hold of dcg's arm (I was changing a baby) and bit the crap out of her arm, you can see every tooth mark loudly and clearly and canines look like they were a fraction of a mila meter from breaking the skin entirely, like little purple hole spots.....

I feel like I should term him immediately, but on the one hand it is his first time to bite here and he was getting bitten before by same dcg, it's just the severity is much different between her bites and his.

Maybe tell mom if it happens again then it will be immediate termination? I feel bad because me and mom get along really well, she follows all the policies and rules.

Thoughts please?
Dia 08:41 AM 06-11-2015

New 18m Dcg that started Monday just walked up to 13m old who was bouncing in the jumperoo, leaned over and bit the baby on the cheek she drew blood!! she was not provoked in any way, she has been super sweet all week WTH! Her mom interviewed for this spot 4 months ago and has been waiting for an opening this whole time (the aunt was watching her)

I guess this one is a definite term

No biting for months and now two in one day geez
Michael 01:40 PM 06-11-2015
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