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Boymom 09:25 AM 09-12-2016
I thought I posted this question before, but I can't find it!

Dcb threw up this morning. Acted totally normal before and after he threw up. But another dck had a stomach virus about a month or so ago and he also didn't have a fever. A week after that, my kid got it and I almost had to put him in the hospital because he was throwing up so much. He also didn't have a fever.

So my question is, would you have sent home too? When his mom got here, he was running around and acting like he was at a carnival or something. I'm actually kinda embarrassed about it! But my contract states if a daycare kid throws up, they have to go home. His mom wasn't exactly thrilled when she saw his burst of energy, but I didn't want to chance it by keeping him here.
Nurse Jackie 09:28 AM 09-12-2016
I would've sent home too. Being sent home for vomiting is in my contrat.
Controlled Chaos 09:30 AM 09-12-2016
Always send home for vomit. I would have had child secluded to a table or blanket activity alone to minimize passing it around.
Controlled Chaos 09:31 AM 09-12-2016
Also- happy Monday!
daycarediva 09:34 AM 09-12-2016
Send home for ANY vomiting, regardless of reason. Not worth chancing it.

Once a child is 'sick', they are put up in our reading area with a video and their rest time item. They DON'T leave the area until they go home.
Poptarts22 09:41 AM 09-12-2016
Yep. Vomit is always means a call to pick up. That's a rule at our local elementary school too
finsup 10:26 AM 09-12-2016
Had that happen before too. I felt bad because the kid was acting so normal but it's always better to err on the side of caution. Once my son threw up on the way to his grandparents, acted fine all day, ate all kinds of junk (yeah, this "incident" is also refered to "the day my in laws behaved like stoned teenagers and nearly lost any other chance to take the kids, anywhere, ever" but that's another story lol) played happily etc but that night. That night was AWFUL. And, the whole house got it sometime in the next week. So yup, you throw up, you go home.
EntropyControlSpecialist 10:59 AM 09-12-2016
Originally Posted by daycarediva:
send home for any vomiting, regardless of reason. Not worth chancing it.

Once a child is 'sick', they are put up in our reading area with a video and their rest time item. They don't leave the area until they go home.
Luke25 11:23 AM 09-12-2016
Absolutely send home!
I messed up once doing this. The child threw up and I sent home immediately. He was acting fine before he went home and his mom said he ate well and was happy that evening so I allowed him to come back the next day. Well, the next week my whole family got sick and every kid here got it as well. I've learned stomach bugs don't always affect little ones like they do adults. They can be acting totally fine and not throw up again and still have the virus.
From now on I won't be giving in on it no matter what.
Unregistered 11:35 AM 09-12-2016
In the past I've had a child that threw up after arrival with no other symptoms or acting funny. This happened a few times,parents were great about picking up,once it started at home they tooK him into the dr............long story but he had a BRAIN tumor!!!He is now a H.S.Junior and just got his driver's license..Happy ending...not wanting to minimize any throwing up....
AmyKidsCo 01:45 PM 09-16-2016
ITA! I once let one stay after mom said she threw up that morning. Mom said she'd been in the tub and had eaten some soap and that's why she'd thrown up.


Besides, it's a sanitation issue.
knoxmomof2 08:44 PM 09-16-2016
I keep 4 little ones full-time. Vomiting or diarrhea (the true, liquid form) are always grounds for immediately being sent home. I am more lenient with a clear, runny nose in a teether for example, but even in my small setup, I'm not messing around with either of those... for health AND practical reasons.
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