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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>17 Month Old Crys Over EVERYTHING!!!!
Unregistered 06:39 AM 10-08-2010
I was just curious as to what a center would do with a child who cries over toys that make noise-I mean she screams at the top of her lungs because she is evidentally scared of noise. I just reassure her there is nothing to be scared of and ignore her until she stops. How do centers deal with infants who scream at naptime considering they all sleep together-I put her in her own room and let her cry it out-which sometimes lasts 45 mins! It's mostly annoying because the other kids can't stand the crying and it is so high pitched it's ridiculous, and she is always one step behind me so I trip over her constantly! And by the way-she doesn't sleep anymore than ONE hour the ENTIRE day-and she is with me from 630AM to 515PM the days she is here-only part time-there is no way I would ever be able to handle her full time! So most of the day she is tired which increases the screaming even more! I am so stressed over one child......
Michael 01:05 PM 10-08-2010
I am wondering if she has something from home that makes her feel comforted like a security blanket or teddy bear. Maybe andother provider has a suggestion for you.
marniewon 02:37 PM 10-08-2010
Have the parents had her tested? My niece used to cry over everything too, and it turned out she had some sort of sensory issues. I don't know what they did to fix it, so I guess I'm not much help
missnikki 04:35 PM 10-08-2010
I agree with the testing- I would start with the pediatrician to see if it was anything medically treatable. She might not nap well because she is in pain, I'm thinking ear infection? I would definitely approach the parent as a concerned party and explain that you've noticed an extreme discomfort at loud noises, and that response is not typical for that age. If you work at a center, I would report regularly to the Director as it sounds like it is affecting the quality of the program.
DancingQueen 06:41 PM 10-08-2010
my first thought was sensory procssing disorder
btdt NOT FUN my daughter has dealt with it her entire life
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