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grateday 11:58 AM 10-16-2013
What are your thoughts on bringing your 2 year old child to a daycare course for 3 hours if you could not find a babysitter?
If the class was small
If the instructor knew
If the child has the right temperament
If the child napped that day
If the child had some exercise before the evening class
If you planned on bringing things to keep him occupied and engaged
Blackcat31 12:03 PM 10-16-2013
I wouldn't.

You can't guarantee the child WILL behave and it isn't fair to the others who paid for the class to have to deal with that.

Plus, no offense but as a provider who is required to take trainings on MY time, I don't want to hear/see or deal with kids after hours.

Usually, the trainings offered in my state will outright say, "No children other than nursing moms" or "Child care provided".
itlw8 12:05 PM 10-16-2013

distracting to the other students who paid to be with adults and learn

Many instructors will turn you away at the door and it is in the written policy no children.

I would say keep looking for some one to help you out maybe one of your daycare parents will do it.
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