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VictorTom 08:38 AM 10-14-2019
So last year we were told we could count our staff meetings. Now we get a new state lady and she says no, and now your staff needs to do last years continuing ed, PLUS this years!
So right now I have 20 for last year, NONE for this year. Any free or really cheap classes?
DaveA 11:15 AM 10-14-2019
Check with your local R&R. They might have some courses online. Here in IL the Gateways to Opportunity sight has about 10 hours up if I remember right.

They're not free but I've had good luck with Care Courses. Online or book options.
e.j. 12:17 PM 10-14-2019
You'll have to check to see if your state accepts these trainings but you might want to look here. Many of the courses are free and those that aren't are low cost:
Bluemoon5 01:55 PM 10-14-2019

There are a few interesting courses here pertaining to language acquisition and literacy. If I remember correctly they are free or mostly free.
Cat Herder 03:00 PM 10-14-2019
Be sure to check your state's site for approved trainers or you could waste a lot of time and effort.
Josiegirl 02:30 AM 10-15-2019
I second Care Course! Warning: they aren't cheap or free but you can get a lot of hours through 1 course online and complete at your leisure or as quickly as you want. IIRC, I used to order a course with a book, 50 bucks. And it was a lot of hours, 10-20, but you get good, easy, quick material.
Everything else was 2 hours here, 4(if you're lucky) hours there.
It's now 57. But worth it just to get all the training hours!
e.j. 11:20 AM 10-15-2019
CCEI also has online courses. Last time I checked, it cost $100 for as many training hours as you want to take. I think there's a daily maximum but I'm not sure. They also offer trial courses for free, though, so you may want to check there website to see what they're currently offering.
Pepperth 02:50 AM 10-16-2019
Sesame Street In Communities has some free courses that produce a certifiate and everything. Its my new favorite resourse actually because the courses are really interesting to take and all free.
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