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blessed mom 06:00 PM 07-21-2011
I have a friend who fosters some kids and wants drop in care. I am able to provide this for her, but I'm unsure what papers I need on file for an occasional drop in child. I have the information/emergency contact sheet, consent for medical treatment, and medical history form. Sufficient?
daycare 06:04 PM 07-21-2011
You need all the same forms for drop in as you would a PT or ft child.
DaisyMamma 06:35 PM 07-21-2011
Yes all the same forms.
CheekyChick 08:21 PM 07-21-2011
I believe you will need them to fill out your entire enrollment packet, just as if they were attending on a day to day basis.
dEHmom 05:52 AM 07-22-2011
ditto to everything everyone else said.

As i've been burned on the drop ins in the past (i hate feeling like a babysitter, and I find that some parents tend to sign up for "drop in/casual soon to be pt or ft" really just wanted a babysitter for a couple of days, and then never show up again.

I highly recommend getting them to fill out a blank calendar with the days they want to book. If they are unsure or it will vary, tell them to fill out a best estimate, and expect a 1 week (or 3 days) notice to change the days, or they'll be charged for the extra day if they don't give proper notice, and REQUIRE payment for all the days either for a biweekly basis or monthly basis. If they cancel days at least XX days in advance then give them a credit towards next month, or refund them. They still require the regular term timeframe.
blessed mom 10:03 AM 07-25-2011
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone...and all the mods. This forum has been so helpful to me. While I don't have time to be on as much as I'd like...every time I have a question I can rely on you guys to respond and help me out. I never feel alone in this venture!

In this situation I have a friend who literally needs drop in care from time to time to run errands and I'm ok with that for now as I need all the money I can get til I have more regular kids. Right now I only have one! Bring on the kids folks! LOL!
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