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jyen 12:21 PM 07-13-2020
Hello! My name is Julie Yen, and I am a PhD student in Organizational Behavior at Harvard University. I am conducting research on child care and am seeking interview participants for my study. If you work in a child care center, I would love to interview you and to hear about your experiences in the field.

Interviews typically last about an hour and are confidential. We can connect over phone or Zoom at a time that is convenient for you. I am happy to talk with you more about my project and answer any questions you may have before agreeing to an interview, and I would be very grateful for your participation.

Here is my bio:

If you are interested in participating, you can contact me directly at , or you can follow the link below to provide your contact information and I will reach out to you:
Thank you!
Cat Herder 12:34 PM 07-13-2020
Please ask our site owner before posting surveys. Thanks!!
Michael 05:20 PM 07-13-2020
Itís okay to survey here. Thanks mods.
Cat Herder 06:27 AM 07-14-2020
I wanted to clarify. Are you only interested in providers who work in childcare centers or are you also interested in providers who run their own family childcare homes?
jyen 07:21 AM 07-14-2020
Thank you, Michael and mods for your help! At this time I am looking for providers who work in childcare centers. It is possible that the study will expand to family childcare homes in the future.
Cat Herder 07:28 AM 07-14-2020
Please feel free to add your links and contacts back.
jyen 07:34 AM 07-14-2020
Here is the link for signing up for an interview:

You can also email me at Thank you!
DaveA 05:40 PM 07-14-2020
Do you want people currently working in centers or just with center experience? Before I opened my home daycare 15 years ago I worked in various centers for over a decade.
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