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Silly Songs 11:29 PM 12-31-2014
Thank you center parents . Three different families brought their child to daycare sick . That was Tuesday. On Wednesday , another child came to my class with the runniest nose I have ever see . That makes 4 out of 16 . Now I'm sick . We do not get paid when we are out sick . I'm also not the only teacher who is going through this ! The baby room had 2 sick babies come this week . Preschool ( 4 year olds ) had 5 children come sick . Why ? Why ? Half of the parents of the sick children are not working this week !! So thank you , parents of the sick kids . 3 teachers are now sick . We don't get paid and we don't have great insurance. But I'm glad you were as to clean up your living room/garage, visit your friend and whatever else you did while your sick child was with us .
Tags:holidays - over it, parents - disrespect, sick policy