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laundrymom 06:22 AM 12-07-2010
I just got a call. My 7mo preg. Day mom fell down stairs and is in pain and has bleeding. She is on way to hosp. If you could spare some thoughts and prayers........
Crystal 06:25 AM 12-07-2010
Healing thoughts and prayers for the family going up. Please keep us posted on how Mom and baby are doing.
kitkat 06:26 AM 12-07-2010
I'm just shy of 7 months and that is one of my biggest fears. I'll definitely be keeping dcm and family in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted!
MommyMuffin 06:29 AM 12-07-2010
Oh my! That is awful! Prayers sent their way!!!
SilverSabre25 06:32 AM 12-07-2010
thoughts heading her scary! I hope everything is fine. Keep us posted.
missnikki 06:42 AM 12-07-2010
Aw, laundry...we're pulling for her! Shoot us an update when you can.
CKSher 06:47 AM 12-07-2010
Just said a prayer, I hope everything turns out to be fine.
Live and Learn 07:53 AM 12-07-2010
Ok...I am crying....blessings to her...wishing that her and baby are both ok.
jen 08:34 AM 12-07-2010
Oh no. I'll keep them in my prayers. Please keep us updated.
boysx5 08:36 AM 12-07-2010
keeping them in my prayers
TGT09 09:16 AM 12-07-2010
:-( Lots of T&P!
kendallina 09:18 AM 12-07-2010
She's in my thoughts today. Update us when you hear something.
laundrymom 10:08 AM 12-07-2010
grandma just picked up day friend boy, he is going home with her for night, They have monitored her, released her to go home and rest,.. no lifting, no work, just being catered to. Cant do that with a 2 yr old. She is to go in at the first sign of trouble but they think it is injury unrelated to baby. Baby is fine, bleeding is stopped, no contractions, just general pain. Baby is moving again,.... she had stopped for a bit. Thanks Gals,.. I was really scared when I got the call.
jen 10:11 AM 12-07-2010
Thank goodness!

I got into a car accident when I was pregnant with my was very scary. He's a happy and healthy 16 year old now! Hopefully your daycare parent will be as lucky!
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