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mjaddi 12:50 PM 12-18-2013
Hello, I am currently working on opening a new day care center and was wondering how much I would/should pay my employees? What is the going rate? I am very new to the day care business and learning day by day.
itlw8 12:55 PM 12-18-2013
this is something that will vary by area. Truly I would have thought that would have been part of your research for your business plan. But employees are you get what you pay for. Pay minimum wage and you get young untrained girls that do not stay around. To get those with an education you would expect to pay for it.
mjaddi 01:19 PM 12-18-2013
Thanks for your reply, and you are absolutely right it should have been part of my research. This is why I am asking your help as part of my research.

The thing is I still have much to learn, I haven't even scratched the surface to be honest. It is just overwhelming the amount of info needed to start the day care. Reading through the class A requirements was quite the task and I read it literally 3 times. Still confused a bit, but pretty much got the idea of it. Pass inspections, pass inspections, pass inspections and hire qualified director.

I don't know how it will all come together, but willing to take the risk and go for it. I'm tired of working pay check to pay check.
missy 06:23 PM 12-18-2013
I was in a similar situation regarding what to pay employees. Like already stated, it varies by area. So Craigslist was the best resource for me by far-- for lower level positions, job posters often will list the pay. I never could find out what a Director should get paid so I decided to get that out of the interviewees themselves, by asking them what pay they expect and often they will tell me what they made at their last/current position.

I actually learned a lot of good info about my local market/demand/etc. from Craigslist
, I got into the habit of checking the job postings and childcare services posts every day--it has helped me with design, hiring, location selection, etc etc.

Good luck!!
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