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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Additional Fees?
CityGarden 01:39 PM 05-07-2016
Just wondering what additional fees providers charge...

Some fees like a late fee I expected however I am seeing other fees in my area including a diapering fee (which averages $50-$60 a month) and an annual supply fee which is often several hundred dollars.

What have you seen? What fees do you have? Why not just increase tuition unless you are trying to discourage / encourage certain behaviors (i.e. potty training and not being late at pick up)

Application fee?
Registration fee?
Late fee?
Supply fee?
Diapering fee?
Michael 01:49 PM 05-07-2016
A deposit
Blackcat31 02:00 PM 05-07-2016
Other than tuition fees, I charge a deposit and fees for late payment and late pickup. Nothing else.
Unregistered 05:01 PM 05-07-2016
Holding fee
Late p/u
Late payment
Returned check fee
Annual paperwork ( we are required to update regularly)

No supply fee, it's part of the cost of care
No diaper fee, parents supply them

That's what works for me.
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