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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>When You Have Multiple Infants How Do You Get Things Done?
SunflowerMama 11:40 AM 10-04-2011
I have a mixed group of kids 6 months - 5yrs. Added an infant about 3 months back and now he's 6 months. Super laid back kid.

I'm adding a 3 month old to the mix next week.

Most days I can get done what I need to get done (cleaning, food prep, diaper changes, etc.) while the infant is content either during floor time or when he's napping but I'm a little concerned how things will be with 2 infants.

If an infant is especially fussy/sick or just needs a little bit of extra love how do you get everything done? I wouldn't want to just let them cry so what do you do? Especially is it's things that NEED to get done..serving meals, changing dirty diapers on the toddlers, etc.

I have the 6 month old on a great sleep routine now (2 hrs mid morning and 3 afternoon) but I'm just a little worried about adding the newest infant next week. BTW he's the sibling of a current child.
SimpleMom 11:57 AM 10-04-2011
I have three toddlers (one just turned one yr old). I've had them all since they were infants. It takes a little trial and error to get a good routine going at first. I've done littles for awhile now and what works for me might not work for you, but here it is:
I usually make my meals at night. They arrive at different times in the morning, so between 630 and 8 I get most of the prep work done. I start breakfast as they arrive, clean-up as I go. I have onene time with all of the kids throughout the day. I make sure of that. Once I know what the sleep schedule/feeding schedule is it goes really smooth (well, most days lol). I also use a back/front carrier, a pack and play so they can play while the olders kiddos are near them and I make lunch up/serve. Babies "rule the roost" so I just work around their schedules. I try to get them on as close to the same schedule as I can (diapers/ 2hrs, bottles/2 hrs, etc.), but it doesn't always work that way

good luck and congrats on the new little one entering your care!
mismatchedsocks 12:07 PM 10-04-2011
I think working with more then one infant plus other takes talent! I had two newborns ( 6 weeks) and a 4 month along with 3 1 year olds at one time. I juggled alot. The newborns I got eating at the same time, which was either before or after the big kids. I didnt get many breaks ( other then potty a few times quickly!). Planning ahead, laying things out, etc.

As far as taking care of the other kids diapers, lunch, art, circle time...I used bouncy seats and put baby in near me ( sometimes the swing too!) if the child was awake. I am not much of a "holder" just to be held, but when the older kids were napping I got to cuddle with the babies! It made it alot easier when the babies learned to be content without me right near then.

Good luck! Make sure to get some will need it.
Solandia 12:09 PM 10-04-2011
Ditto on the meal prep. Until new baby is on a predictable schedule, meals are the of the fridge-to-table or crockpot variety.

I have used a carrier in the past, but I do not carry baby while serving meals, changing diapers, or washing hands/brushing teeth. I do put baby in an entertainment device (bouncer, swing, play gym) in a safe place while I attend to things that have to be done.

Another thing is to not start a project or create a situation that has to be completed. Like trying to make meatballs during naptime real quick, where it takes 5+ minutes to clean up/put away, wash hands & disinfect before picking up baby. Things like that.
KBCsMommy 12:42 PM 10-04-2011
I currently have dcg 4 months, dcb 7 months, and dcg 11 months.
And 2 3 yr old boys.

For the babies I make all bottles for the entire day.
For the 7 and 11 month old I set out bowls and spoons and have everythng ready to make their cereal and baby food. I keep plastic bibs for easy clean up.

For the older boys we do easy lunches sandwiches, hot dogs easy stuff!

Im in California so we cant have bouncer seats or swings. What I have come to rely on are the baby activity gyms. The 4 month old loves it, she would play all day with it if she could.

A good thing is that 3 month olds are pretty predictable and is probaly on the sleep, eat, play schedule right now. Which is usually about a 2 hour to 3 hour cycle.

At first you stress out about how your going to get everything done...but somehow, everyday, you manage to figure it out and everything does get finished!!! And your dc parents think your a saint because you can juggle all of it!!

Good Luck!!
cheerfuldom 02:05 PM 10-04-2011
You only get the basics done, very little "extra" type activities. You basically take care of each kid and then put them down to take care of the next one. To be honest, neither are going to get loads of extra special attention or one-on-one time with that many kids in care. I have 7 under 4 here on my busiest days (4 under 13 months) and they are all feed, changed and diapered and besides that, they play on their own and yes, sometimes cry. As long as their needs are met, thats the best I can do. Its pretty rare that all 7 are here on the same day, most days its 5 and even then its pretty busy. Group care is just that way. Even the littles have to self soothe and learn patience.
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